A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life In the realm of employment, summer jobs are some of the best jobs you’ll get to work. Whether it’s a lifeguard, ice cream parlor scooper, or, my personal favorite, a crew-member at Boat Elmer’s, summer jobs can be a lot of fun. As an Elmer’s Crew employee myself I thought it would be interesting to give you a look into what an every day looks like at Boat Elmer’s. This post is a glimpse into an average summer day for an Elmer’s pier employee.

7:30 AM

The faint sound of my iPhone “Marimba” alarm is getting increasingly louder. After snoozing about 3 more of those, I finally rise out of bed to stretch my sunburnt legs. I hit the shower and then apply about a gallon of sunscreen. It’s time to start making my way to the pier.

8:30 AM

Myself, and most other pier employees, have arrived at the pier. We clock in and get ready for what the day has in stored for us. Pier employees begin uncovering, cleaning and gassing the boats. Shack employees are answering the phones, organizing reservations, and letting everyone know what is on the agenda today. After we’ve all applied our war paint of sunscreen and finished the breakfast of champions (Kwik trip glazer donuts) we’re ready to go.

9:30 AM

The first of our awesome customers have arrived. They come bearing coolers, towels, pool floaties, and an excitement for what their lake day beholds. You can feel the buzz on the pier as we begin to check people in, load tubes on boats, fit for lifejackets and send people out on their boats. If you’re lucky, you might even get to witness some of the crew’s dance moves or vocal talents as the coffee kicks in and the tunes on pier begin to turn on.

10:30 AM

It’s getting hot. Most have began to reapply some SPF and other brave (or maybe less sensible) souls are trying to get tan by avoiding sunblock like the plague (this doesn’t have a high success rate, FYI).

11:30 AM

Once the morning rush has settled and the first round of boat reservations have gone out on the lake, there is some downtime for the crew. This usually inspires some of the more daring crewmembers to jump into the lake. After the first few jump in to cool off, it doesn’t long for practically the whole crew to be in the water.

12:30 PM

It’s lunch. If it’s a Sunday the crew gets lucky because Grandma Jean and the other lovely lunch ladies treat us to hot dogs, subs, walking tacos or whatever other awesome meals they’re making. If it is any other day of the week the crew is most likely picking the chosen runner to get everyone’s daily Potbellys or Jimmy Johns.

1:30 PM

Reapply that war paint (sunscreen) because the boats are coming back in and going back out. It’s show time. We are bearing our best attitudes and are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are going to have a great time on the lake.

2:30 PM

This is the mad rush. We’re quickly trying to clean and re-send out boats as fast as possible. Once this hour goes well the day will be golden from here.

3:30 PM

The crew gets to breathe again. Our Potbellys is still fueling us through the afternoon and we’re getting our second wind.


With this second wind we are cleaning the boats to perfection. We are wiping, shining, and scrubbing every inch to make sure the boats are ready to go for tomorrow.


As our day is coming to an end we begin our closing procedures. We send out the crew to cover all the buoy boats. We check the next days reservations and make sure everything is set to go for the next days.


It’s time to head home and rest up to do it all over again tomorrow.

Nothing beats working on the lake. We work hard and also have a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed reading a small glimpse into our world.