Lake Geneva Second To None

Wisconsin can get a bad rep for iceberg winters and a common misconception that there is nothing to do but sit around, eat cheese, and look at our farm fields. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin proves just how untrue that is. With it’s stunning summers and vibrant downtown scene it is the perfect place for a family vacation, get away weekend, or my favorite; a day out on the lake.

When I first moved here in May, I was amazed at all of the activity and adventure that Lake Geneva had to offer. Soon after exploring the downtown shopping, food and entertainment, I took to the lake. Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, when I was hired as an Intern for Boat Elmer’s I had no idea about all of the excitement Lake Geneva would deliver. My first time out on the lake had me in awe.

I headed out on one of Elmer’s stunning, brand new, Regal Premium speedboats. Now first of all this boat is PRETTY. I’m talking gorgeous navy finish and complimenting tan leather seats. Just looking at this boat I knew I was in for a treat out on the lake.


Not only was my boat the best of the best, the lake absolutely did not disappoint. Geneva Lake is the second deepest and largest lake in Wisconsin at a whopping 144 feet deep, It covers 5,200 acres, spans 26 miles around its shore, is 8 miles long and 2 miles wide. The deep lake is incredibly clear and blue. So much so that when out there it can feel like you’re out on some kind of tropical getaway. The incredible houses and landscape provides amazing scenery to take in. Geneva Lake is Lake Life at it’s finest. One lap around the lake and I was hooked.


Now that I’ve boated the Elmer’s way, I don’t think I can do Lake Life any other way. Not only are summers in Lake Geneva breathtakingly beautiful, they’re truly one of a kind. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet, you need to and if you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
-Mackenzie Timmer

Social Media Intern