A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life In the realm of employment, summer jobs are some of the best jobs you’ll get to work. Whether it’s a lifeguard, ice cream parlor scooper, or, my personal favorite, a crew-member at Boat Elmer’s, summer jobs can be a lot of fun. As an Elmer’s Crew employee myself I thought it would be interesting to give you a look into what an every day looks like at Boat Elmer’s. This post is a glimpse into an average summer day for an Elmer’s pier employee.

7:30 AM

The faint sound of my iPhone “Marimba” alarm is getting increasingly louder. After snoozing about 3 more of those, I finally rise out of bed to stretch my sunburnt legs. I hit the s...


Lake Geneva Second To None

Wisconsin can get a bad rep for iceberg winters and a common misconception that there is nothing to do but sit around, eat cheese, and look at our farm fields. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin proves just how untrue that is. With it’s stunning summers and vibrant downtown scene it is the perfect place for a family vacation, get away weekend, or my favorite; a day out on the lake.

When I first moved here in May, I was amazed at all of the activity and adventure that Lake Geneva had to offer. Soon after exploring the downtown shopping, food and entertainment, I took to the lake. Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, when I was hired as an Intern for Boat Elmer’s I had no idea about all of the...